About Us

• Highly strategic, creative & proactive
• Industry knowledge & expertise
• Great media contacts
• Professional account handling
• Cost effective results
But doesn’t every PR agency say that?

Surely that’s the norm?

What’s different about Bugsgang & Associates?
We’ve been going since 1991 and over the years loyalty has always played a pivotal role in our business dealings. We retain our clients for many years and establish close and professional relationships with them. Although inevitably some clients have had to leave us, we can say hand on heart that this has never been through dissatisfaction.
Although the Billy Joel song lyrics, “Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue” could at times refer to the PR industry, this is not the case at Bugsgang. We say it as it is and do not over-promise, we have built our company on this premise with both clients and journalists respecting us for it.
The consultancy has a dynamic mix of people with a broad range of experience who go more than the extra mile, more like the extra marathon to achieve the very best for clients. We look at every opportunity with fresh eyes and tailor solutions to each client’s individual needs – no one size fits all here.