Our Beliefs

The Bugsgang team believe in investing time in developing client relationships at all levels to ensure they have a clear appreciation of both company and individual needs. It is this understanding that forms the basis of all programmes undertaken.
Ensuring that all programmes have a clear and workable strategy that matches the client’s own business objectives is the first stage of any successful programme. Bugsgang is used to working closely with clients in order to ensure programmes make a real contribution to business success long term.
Creativity is at the heart of everything that Bugsgang does. This ranges from developing ideas that have maximum impact by ‘thinking the unthinkable’ to generating an opportunistic approach with the media. The press often responds to a clever or unusual thought; it is the role of Bugsgang to provide it.
Media skills are the bread and butter of our business. It is vital our staff have a clear understanding of how the media operates and also what individual journalists need. There is a constant trawling process with key press to ensure we don’t miss out on any opportunities as well as using our media relationships to ensure we generate the best results.
If you can’t measure it then don’t do it. The philosophy of the business has always been based on agreeing clear and measurable targets up front so that we can measure messages communicated, target audiences reached and advertising equivalent. If budgets are available, we can also manage focus groups to gauge in-depth response from target audiences.
Client Service
Finally, the quality of client service is also key to our success. Bugsgang develops clearly defined plans, agreed objectives and evaluation methods to be used. We like to have regular contact and update meetings to ensure we’re on track and have the opportunity to discuss any changes in the client’s business. In short, we like to feel like part of the in-house team.